The Society for Experimental Finance is an organization for scientists who use controlled experiments to understand human behavior on financial markets.


The Experimental Finance 2021 conference hosted by our colleagues Innsbruck in gather town was an interesting experiences for all of us. Thank you so much for making it possible.

In the General Assembly, the members voted for a new management board, consisting of director Stefan Palan (University of Graz), treasurer Anita Kopányi-Peuker (Radboud University), and secretary Sascha Füllbrunn (Radboud University). We thank Utz Weitzel and Stefan Zeisberger, who resigned from the board, for the last five years. Matthias Stefan and Owen Powell became honorary members.

Upcoming Events

The next scheduled events will be the Experimental Finance 2022 in Bonn.

Recently published papers

  • Merkle, C., Sextroh, C. J., 2021. Value and momentum from investors’ perspective: Evidence from professionals’ risk-ratings, Journal of Empirical Finance 62, 159–178. [EF2016, University of Mannheim]

  • Merkle, C., Müller-Dethard, J., Weber, M., 2021. Closing a mental account: the realization effect for gains and losses, Experimental Economics 24(1), 303–329. [EF2018, University of Heidelberg]

  • Olschewski, S., Newell, B. R., Oberholzer, Y., Scheibehenne, B., Forthcoming. "Valuation and estimation from experience", Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. [EF2018, University of Heidelberg]

(All listed papers were previously presented at an EF conference, given in square brackets. See published EF papers for more papers.)

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