The Society for Experimental Finance is a non-profit association aiming to advance scientific research in the area of experimental finance.


  • The Society of Experimental Finance is happy to announce the 2023 edition of its Conference and Summer School. The two events will be held in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 19-22 June and 17-18 June, respectively [more information available soon].

  • The Women in SEF mentoring/early stage series has held its first talk on Tuesday, December 6, 4pm UTC (5pm Paris, 6pm Jerusalem, 11am New York, 8am Los Angeles), given by Rosemarie Chari Nagel, (ICREA, UPF, BSE), [Zoom link and more information here]

  • The new issue of the Society of Experimental Finance Newsletter is out [more information here]

Upcoming Events

Experimental Finance Conference 2023, June 19-22, 2023

Experimental Finance 2022, Asia-Pacific Meeting, November 4-5, 2022 (Online)

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