The Society for Experimental Finance is a non-profit association aiming to advance scientific research in the area of experimental finance.


We finished four sessions of our first series of SEF Online Talks, We enjoyed the talks which partially allowed for taking new perspectives in the area of (experimental) finance. Thanks to all the speakers and their excellent talks. Find more information here.

Upcoming Events

The dates for the Experimental Finance 2022 in Bonn will be provided soon.

Recently published papers

  • Kleinlercher, D., Stöckl, T., Forthcoming. Thou shalt not trade -- An analysis of the violations of no-trade predictions in experimental asset markets. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. [EF2019, University of Copenhagen; EF2017, University of Nice]

  • Duffy, J., Rabanal, J. P., Rud, O. A., 2021. The impact of ETFs in secondary asset markets: Experimental evidence, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 674-696. [EFRC2019, Nanyang Technological University]

  • Georgalos, K., 2021. Dynamic decision making under ambiguity: An experimental investigation, Games and Economic Behavior 127, 28-46. [EF2018, University of Heidelberg]

(All listed papers were previously presented at an EF conference, given in square brackets. See published EF papers for more papers.)

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