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The Society for Experimental Finance is an organization for scientists who use controlled experiments to understand human behavior on financial markets.

Upcoming conferences

August 7-8, 2019
John Duffy (University of California, Irvine)
Daniel Houser (George Mason University)
Charles Noussair (University of Arizona)

February 4-5, 2020
Samuel Hartzmark (University of Chicago)
Peter Bossaerts (University of Melbourne)

EF2020 Conference
June 10-12, 2020

Recent papers

  • Liu, J., Riyanto, Y. E., 2019. Liquidation policy and credit history in financial contracting: An experiment, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 158, 526–542. [EF2015, Radboud University]
  • Kendall, C., Forthcoming. Market Panics, Frenzies, and Informational Efficiency: Theory and Experiment, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics[EF2015, Radboud University]
  • Lazar, M., Levkowitz, A., Oren, A., Sonsino, D., 2017. A note on receptiveness to loss in structured Investment, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 69, 92–98. [EFRC2016, University of Arizona]
(All listed papers were previously presented at an EF conference, given in square brackets. See published EF papers for more papers.)

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